Our social enterprise helps landowners in Scotland to manage, restore, and expand their woodlands.

Professional woodland services and advice.

Trees for Life Woodland Services is a management consultancy specialising in native woodland creation, restoration and management across the Scottish Highlands. We utilise the expertise and experience of our parent charity and forest managers to help organisations and landowners seeking a trusted agent to help deliver woodland restoration and expansion projects.

As a social enterprise, 100% of profits generated from the business go directly towards furthering the core work of our parent charity, Trees for Life, helping to realise the vision of a revitalised wild forest in the Scottish Highlands, providing space for wildlife to flourish and communities to thrive.



Undertake site assessments and prepare feasibility studies for woodland creation or restoration


We undertake surveys to establish the opportunities for woodland restoration or expansion on sites and provide detailed cashflows for the expenditure and income of potential works.

Manage existing woodlands towards greater ecological health and diversity


We assess and implement sensitive forest management works, such as thinning or removal of invasive species, to alter forest stand structure or composition and aid woodland restoration.

Access the Forestry Grant Scheme to fund woodland creation and management activities


We secure funding for woodland creation and woodland improvement works under the Forestry Grant Scheme. Using our in-depth knowledge of the grant scheme in conjunction with our understanding of woodland management, we compile effective applications to secure grant contracts for landowners and managers.

Design and implement the creation of new woodlands and habitats

We design woodland creation schemes and manage the operational phases to successfully establish the new woodland.

Explore opportunities for funding through the Woodland Carbon Code

We manage the certification of new planting schemes under the Woodland Carbon Code and through our parent charity’s well-developed corporate connections we can broker the sale of high quality woodland carbon units on the carbon market.

Prepare and advise on strategic woodland and site management plans

We advise woodland owners as to how to strategically plan for the future of their woodlands to ensure their health, continuity and productivity. We compile detailed management and operational plans to assist with this.